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Four-Column Hydraulic Pressing Machine
Product Introduction
The characteristics and uses
The frame structure adopts the whole steel welding; the four corners of the eight corners are the right angle guide rail, the precision is high, the rigidity is good, and
Hydraulic pre tightening. Hydraulic system with two - way Cartridge integrated valve; the whole system is stable, can be
By, long service life, less leakage, less trouble. Electrical system uses "PLC" single board can be compiled
Program controller control, and can be configured with a stroke digital device, a photoelectric protection device and a mobile station (
Easy to replace the mold, the series of hydraulic press with the upper and lower hydraulic cushion of the double acting function, the root
According to the user s request to change the hydraulic pad can be changed to the top of the device, but also can be used for stretching. So wide range of technology,
Can be completed in the metal sheet of the stretching, bending, punching (can be equipped with buffer device) and other processes. Can be realized
Constant pressure, constant process two kinds of technology, with the time delay function, delay time can be adjusted. Working pressure,
The stroke can be adjusted according to the requirements of the process, and the operation is simple to use the button to set the control, with
There are three ways of adjusting, manual and automatic operation.
The field of application:
Can be used for drawing, punching, bending, flanging assembly process, suitable for:
Auto industry / home appliance industry, etc..
Optional accessories or function:
The movable table - buffer - Arbitration photoelectric protection device - die change
With the floating guide rail and rolling bracket - mold quick clamping mechanism - locking device
The ramming device - touch screen pad industrial hydraulic proportional pressure regulating device
Hydraulic system cooling device - heating and temperature control device
Technical Parameters