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Angular Elbow Double Beveling Machines
Product Introduction
1、The YWDJ-J series Hydraulic Angular elbow Double Beveling Machines has the features of unique design, compact structure ,beautiful look and convenient to operate .
2、It is an ideal equipment for chamfering LR&SR 90°、60°、45°、30°elbows of size 1/2" to 36" at both ends simultaneously.
3、There are three cutters for each clamp disk,they serve for different range of work and can work at the same time to ensure the effective cutting and fully satisfied the stable requirements of the guide track under the status of strong cutting.
4、Its cutting speed are adjustable in according to the size and the thickness of elbows.
5、The application of sliding tables with function of fast feeding, inching and fast retreat to enable the safety during working.
6、The products processed by the machine are comply with relevant elbow beveling standard