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Induction Elbow and Pipe Bending Machines
Product     Introduction:
1、The YRT-W series Induction Elbow Forming and Pipe Bending Machines is not only designed for manufacturing of LR&SR elbows,but also for bending pipes with small curvature radius of carbon steel,alloy steel and nickel steel.
2、The machine frame was constructed with high strength steel,it has good feaures of high stability and reliability,Economic Space occupation and Easy installation,easy operation,strong versatility.
3、The perfect application of the electric system and hydraulic system to achieve high quality and more efficient.
4、Machine capacity:
Range of pipe bends:OD.108mm-1524mm(4inch to 60 inch);
Range of pipe thickness:5-100mm.
Range of bending radius:2.5D-20D.
Range of bending degree:0-180 degrees.