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About Us
About Us
Tianjin Yukai Science&Technology Co.,Ltd is located in one of the largest Chinese industrial centers and port cities -- Tianjin, Tianjin, locating in the western part of Bohai Bay, is an important waterway transportation hub in northern and northwestern regions of China. Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in hydraulic and forging equipment. The company’s main products are divided into two categories:   Ⅰ. Ring rolling series: Ring Rolling Machine, Reaming Machine, Forging Discharging Machine, Forging Operation Machine, Forging Hydraulic Machine, CNC lathe, Swing Grinding Machine, Forging Charging Machine, etc. The company has developed and produced Ring Rolling Machines (also known as the reaming machines) with more than 40 specifications, including four series of D51A, D51B, D52, and D53K, among which, the vertical ring rolling machines of D51A and D51B series have the advantages of small size, compact structure, material saving, and energy saving, which are widely used to the hot ring rolling of all kinds of circular blank for the manufacturing industries of bearing forging, automotive gear, and flange. The horizontal ring rolling machines belonging to...
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